Making Title and Headings identical


Identical headings and SEO metadata, may send the signal that you over-optimizing for SEO purposes (spamming). It is a common over-optimization by spammers who try to game the rankings this way, thus Google pays extra attention to these signals. Note that if you publish with WordPress, some themes put the …

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What’s the most search term in Google? Well, ‘Google’ itself. Who would have guessed? Only those who can read their analytics. When our hobby becomes a serious business, we should look upon the SEO promotion with equal seriousness and avoid rookie mistakes Watch out when moving content accross your site. …

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Content Marketing – Cutting Down Costs

content marketing

Recent studies reveal that the average company creates content for six different social media sites. Focusing on so many marketing channels will only make it harder to dominate your online niche. We also know that such an effort costs money and among these networks there are underperfomers that could be …

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Track your backlinks and your competitors

monitor backlinks

This tool is a real gem for advanced users. It finds all your recent backlinks, evaluates them so you can disavow the bad ones and brings into light all the methods your competitors are using right now. Use this coupon OFF50NHT9CHBM for getting 3 months in the price of 1. …

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Doing SEO in the UK

SEO Consultant London

Published: Sep 2, 2014 The United Kingdom is a big market to target. Usually, businesses need local visibility, meaning to rank in their local area for their competitive keywords. A business in Liverpool, Brighton or Edinburgh, does not need to be found in London as an example if it cannot …

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